My name is

Carina Wang

I'm a Digital Designer from Denver

I have always held a deep passion for creating stories; from first grade art class to studying digital design at University of Colorado Denver. Specifically, a fascination in the power of exploring narratives through graphics. The only other thing that rivals my love for design, would be gaming. As a child I would secretly play on my brother’s World of Warcraft account and I was obsessively attached to our family’s PS2.

These two obsessions eventually intersected and combined into my work within esports. At the start of 2017, I received the chance to join the Carbon Entertainment team leading their design efforts. Being on the Carbon team, I have had the opportunity to work on incredible projects such as the Overwatch Contenders, Overwatch Carbon Series, and PUBG Carbon Series. I love the competitive nature of esports, and the rich storylines that develop.

Aside from my love for gaming and design I also inherently love to make others happy. After working in the esports industry I found myself then transitioning to localization and working with designers both in-house and outsource to create high quality content for our clients. I currently lead the design team at Wordbank LLC in maintaining design guidelines, refining workflow pipelines, and embodying the bridge between different parties’ expectations and creative vision. I found that becoming a supportive pillar to the team and client was extremely rewarding in a different avenue. If we all feel aligned towards the same goal and if someone is always listening to both sides there’s little to nothing that can’t be achieved.

I am skilled in a myriad of design forms such as web design, broadcast assets, static graphics, and video editing. A unique element of my portfolio is my extensive experience and understanding of live broadcast graphics technologies. I also know what it takes to be a successful leader of designers.

Like my site name suggests, I try to be a ray of light in whatever project I work on. As such, I am always seeking opportunities to grow myself.