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I wanted to do a serious re-brand that was a touch less feminine. I thought about what values and feelings I still wanted to convey in the new design. I still wanted something to be bright and positive, something that holds true to the identify I’ve chosen.

Rayofhina comes from a myriad of things. The first being the name Hina, when I was younger I heard my mom call me and I thought she said “Hina” instead of “Carina” and the small me was so obsessed with anime and Japanese culture (ironically not Naruto however) that I instantly latched on to it. From this day on, I decided, my nickname will be Hina. Nowadays it’s my gamertag for all sorts of platforms and an alias that I use. Continuing on with my obsession with Japanese, Hinata means  “toward  the sun” or is a nonstandard reading of himawari which is sunflower. I wanted my brand to, albeit very chessily be a “ray of light and hope” everything I do and work towards I am hoping to bring a light of positivity, whether it’s through my designs, videos, cosplay, or anything, I hope to be a ray of sunshine in whatever I do 🙂

My old logo was a sakura flower, which I thought was fitting, flowers need sun to grow and they are pretty and nice to enjoy. However, it is very much toward the feminine spectrum and  it didn’t help that my entire logo was bright pastel pink. I thought it was fine that as long as my logo represented me as a person then it was ok. Recently I have reconsidered, I’ve deducted that my brand needs to be more marketable towards all markets, not just feminine and decided that I needed to change.  I still wanted there to be pink, I still wanted a bit of femininity, but I wanted something that non feminine audiences would enjoy as well.

I thought long and hard about what I could do without throwing away the feeling of “me”. When my fiance suggested that I use Chinese character, something that has become more and more prevalent in the gamer design space. What was considered “chessy” is now elegant and modern, depending on tthe execution. My current design job has a lot to do with Chinese characters and Chinese typography so I wasn’t against this idea at all. I still wasn’t sure what character to use, or if I even wanted to use my name at all but it was somewhere to start.

My name 王珈欣, means 王 (King)  珈 (to add) 欣 (happiness). I instantly thought that this works out perfectly (ironically I have always that that my name had meant family star as the phonetics for 珈欣 sound very similar to other character that mean family and star haha…. it was really embarrassing when I asked my mom for confirmation and she was like “wat, no.”) I decided to focus on the last character  欣 for happiness as it is the closest to my brand ideals and using a written calligraphy of my name I made the character in illustrator, it is more abstract than traditional chinese characters but still legible. Although to English audiences it might look like a very abstract FR haha, but to me that’s ok, I like it that way.

I still wanted a sense of femininity in my logo, as my favorite color is pastel pink, I like bows, and cute things in general, I didn’t want to completely shy away from who I was as a person. So I decided to add a heart element that is mainly pink, they are different coloration’s of course but pink is the main one. The strokes of 欣 come together to form the sides of the heart and bring the logo all together.

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