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If you told me 2 years ago while I was in collage that in the future I would design a Corndog logo for an esports team, I probably would’ve given you a weird look and walked away. Yet here we are with this corndog combined with a wiener doggo and we got ourselves FNRGFE’s official logo. This ended being printed on t-shirts, both for the fans and as the players jerseys, to my chagrin.

The story is actually pretty funny, since Overwatch Contenders Season Zero was an open qualifiers, there was a MASSIVE amount of players and teams. I think for both NA and EU it ended up being at around 1406 teams (642 NA, 764 EU) because there was no skill cap. However, not every team was able to have a nice esports broadcast ready logo, and we ended up with a lot of Jeff Kaplans, Genji fidget spinners, and pixelated icons of mainly memes.

This left us with a dilemma. Of course we couldn’t make Logos for every single team so we decided that if they were close to making it to broadcast they would get a filler logo. There was two options for me, make generic logos similar to Microsoft’s generic profile icons (i.e a circle with the team name in the middle) or make them decent logos.

The former is the significantly easier route, but the designer inside me was screaming, “That’s going to looks so bad!!” so I stubbornly ended up making logos for the teams that didn’t have logos, and thus weren’t really apart of large organizations. Kelvin and the chipmunks ended up being one of these teams and their logo is referenced below, I ended up making all kinds of weird logos.

Logo for Kelvin and the Chipmunks

In a way it was a sort of rite of judgement for me, I had to dictate how much time I would spend on each logo depending on my belief on if they would make it to the finals or not. If a team wasn’t going to make it I would’ve spent countless of hours on a logo for a team that would probably break up after they lost. Of course, I did my best to make every logo I designed at least somewhat decent but I was doing around 8 a day on top of normal graphics.

When FNRGFE came up my first thought was, “Who??” like what does that acronym even stand for?? I later learned that FNRGFE is a acronym of Fnatic, NRG eSports, and Gale force eSports created by the organization’s ex players. When making the logos I would take in account the teams names, and what their current icon/logo would be.

Low and behold, they had a picture of a wiener dog combined with a corn dog. I ended up staring at it like, “Wait, these guys made it??” everyone in the tournament was aware of the teams choice of logo and there was even a Top 10 favorite team names/logos discussion and the corndoggos was one of them. I had noticed them in the beginning but didn’t think they would make it far enough to require a broadcast logo. Boy was I wrong. These guys ended up taking it all the way to the Overwatch Contenders Season Zero and Season One finals.

I wanted to keep the idea of the wiener-corn-dog so I ended up vectoring the shape by tracing the most noticeable patterns, using the original logo as a reference. I wanted the corn dog to have texture but to also be simple and not over-complicated so I limited the amount of colors I could use. Then using an expressive font I put their team name on top of the corndog.

I had a lot of fun with this logo because FNRGFE was a fun, meme team, and I wanted to keep that community and camaraderie alive with the logo. I was honestly surprised when they made it to the playoff live finals, but proud in a way. This team that had people believing that they wouldn’t make it made it, and a lot of the players are now playing for Overwatch League.

I think this will always be a point to look back at and chuckle, the time I made a corndog esports logo.

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