Dancing Winston

During Season Zero of Contenders it was mentioned that we should make a coming up lower third, similar to how TV shows have a lower third that pops up and tells you what shows are coming up next. For us, we wanted to show the next match-up. I wanted to make the broadcast not only informative and digestible but also fun, catering to our community of gamer’s.

It was at this point that Dance emotes had just come out and the team thought it’d be cool to have a dancing Winston, or Tracer next to the lower third that danced while the lower third was up. The actually execution though? Hard. Since we were on a tight timeline we couldn’t ask for 3D Models and the idea of recording the Dance on the emote highlight screen was less than ideal. Since the character is usually dancing in a map background, the prospect of having to mask every frame was not something that anyone wanted to do, or had the time to.

As the idea of the dancing Winston was slowly fading as a –this would be really cool but not executable in our time frame– idea, I remembered that in Hollywood there is a green screen. Albeit I’m pretty sure the developers didn’t make it so people would actually try to key off of it, but it was our best shot and in the next couple of minutes we bought the dance emote and started recording.

It still wasn’t ideal, the green screen is not the same shade of green throughout and there are light sources in the map that make the center a brighter green than the outer, but it was the best that we had. Although we had wanted to do tracer as well, the light source reflected off her goggles and eyes and ended up making her look like some gremlin or like she could’ve passed for Illidan’s way to cheery long lost sister with guns. The community would probably get a kick out of demon tracer but she still wasn’t too ideal for broadcasting purposes.

Hollywood – Green Screen

Winston had minimal light reflection and his footage was still something we could work with. After a lot of tweaking and some masking we were able to get him to a point where he could dance next to the Lower Third. Overall this asset pushed me out of my boundaries and forced me to think outside of the box but dancing winston is pretty dang adorable so it was worth it.

Lower Third – Coming up next with Winston

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